Analogue Productions hits another one out of the park

Their new SACD of Hendrix’s Are You Experienced is sensational :sunglasses:

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I like it a lot. Sure is a lot of bitching about it on the Steve Hoffman forum!

I’ve tried to stay away from that thread LOL but seems like the main complaint is with the mono tracks? Someone also referenced a needledrop from Professor Stoned as the definitive mono version so I will have to check that out.

Well, there’s plenty of lukewarm reaction to the stereo tracks sound, and many claiming that the first Reprise cd sounds better. They say this release has “clipped treble.” I highly doubt that. Most of the broo ha ha is over clips posted and from those who haven’t even heard the disc–Hoffman board behavior at its “finest.”


I finally got my copy from Music Direct. I preordered during a sale a long time ago and waited it out to save a few bucks. I enjoyed the first spin. It’s been a while and it brought back a lot of memories. I only played the stereo tracks.

I agree about the Hoffman forums. I go there a lot for info and opinions, but I have yet to join because I think it could be bad for my blood pressure!

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Also check out this needledrop that was mentioned. Really good. From my experiences, needledrops don’t sound as good as straight vinyl on the platter, but this is still very good.

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