Analogue Seduction

Can anybody from PS Audio tells the rules in distribution of your products in Europe ?

The difference between list prices of distributors and this server is too big to plan making bussines in hifi with your products.


Compared to Europe prices and n EUR I know, this is incredibly cheap.

Keep in mind that there is no VAT in the US (some states impose sales taxes but that is not reflected in the price). Also, outside the US the distributors handle the warranty work and they need to build that into the price. Transportation costs are also higher. But still, the difference is painful for those outside the US.

That’s true, vats kill the prices and distributors with their fees and more than small add. value to the customers do their part.

No wonder that many in Europe buy from grey market. Also many dealers do, as well as even authorized dealers mix their stock from official and grey market goods and many Europe companies sell from factory directly (officially or inofficially). This is a sick business somehow.

If you are looking for cheap Ps audio products then search for what is called for demo product -

Used products and demos can often be an excellent option. PS Audio also offers a generous trade-in program for customers in the States. Distributors elsewhere may offer something similar.

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That includes products returned under the 30-day trial period (it does happen from time to time), which are sold as “B stock” at a discount. Probably of limited use outside the US, however.

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