Non US customers not treated as well as their US counterparts?

This is probably a topic for Paul to comment on.

As far as I’m aware PS Audio operates a scheme in the US that US customers can trade their PS Audio products in for full retail value in purchasing a piece of kit at a higher value, i.e. an upgrade.
This is an excellent sales incentive.

As a current P10 owner and interested in upgrading to a P20 I enquired of my distributor if he operates a similar scheme? I was offered half the retail value of my P10.

Coupled with the fact that where I live, due to exchange rate, import duties and VAT the P20 retails here for 25 % more than the US price it seems US customers get a much better deal than non US customers.

Fair play to PS Audio for operating the ‘full retail value’ scheme for their ‘local’ customers and I understand PS Audio can do nothing about exchange rates, import duties etc but the ‘full retail value’ towards an upgrade available in the US customers but not elsewhere is something that can be commented on?

On the US website, the P20 advertises “up to $3000” towards a trade in as long as the retail value of whatever you’re trading in was at least $3000. So it seems to be a 30% discount towards most of their products as long as you have something originally worth that much to trade in.

Ok, apologises, guess I should have done better research before posting the thread.

One mitigating factor, with not being in the US I don’t see the offer.

There is no Trade up and Save offer green button for me to click on.

So I’ve read about the offer on the website somewhere and maybe picked it up slightly incorrectly.

Just a note: in American English the word “scheme” is not neutral. It has a perjorative connotation. For example, Bernie Madof had a scheme to defraud investors. Plan, program, offering—these are all better alternatives.

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This is what it looks like:

Our trade up program is unique in the industry as far as I know. It’s another way we try to make it easy and painless to own our products. You can read about it here:

It is available (at the moment) only in the US.

Basically we make it simple. We will buy from you at full original MSRP, your older products from any manufacturer, up to 30% of the value of the new PS product you want to purchase. You can clean your closet and heap on numerous bits hanging out that are no longer interesting to you.

The one downside is if the original retail of the cable, speaker, amp, or CD player up for trade is more than the 30% value you’re being offered. In that case, it may be better to sell it on eBay or Audiogon. In general, when people look at what we offer compared to what they can get on the used market, ours is somewhat the go to method because it’s easy, safe, guaranteed.

Also, we let you keep your trade while you’re evaluating the new PS gear, but you get the money off the new gear immediately. It’s about as far, simple, and easy to understand as anything we have supported in the past.

Someday we’d like to bring it to the rest of the world and it is a goal of ours. But for now, it’s just the US.

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I would imagine most dealers have some sort of trade-in policy. I see a lot of dealers selling traded in items on Audiogon and other sites similar. While international customers may not be able to do the trade in direct with PS Audio, most people will still have some type of avenue to take if they want to trade something in through their dealer.

My question is; what do you guys do with all the traded in items?

We make sure they have good homes. We work through a third party vendor who cleans them up, markets them through eBay, and then gives us a small cut on whatever he gets for them. We just insist they get a good home.

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They sell used gear, in Boulder, Colorado…oops, its not a secret is it?

hehe, I was thinking the same thing.

Paul ……. I read through the buying options/ trade-ups link and it’s very clearly explained and seems to be an excellent way for US customers to avail of a trade up to a new piece of PS Audio kit.

Hopefully one day it will be available to non US customers but I understand the problems in making it multi national.

TMR will buy your used gear (direct) as well, however, no doubt that if you are willing to spend the time you stand to make more money on Agon, USA Audio Mart or Ebay. I inquired about trading in an integrated amp, and the offer I received was considerably less than market value. Ended up trading it to the manufacturer on an updated preamp. TMR is responsive to email inquiries, and are helpful. Customer service costs money.

They need to make money. I’ve done well buying used and selling for so close to what I paid it was money well spent to audition and learn. Picking up the phone and talking to dealers also is a great way to make a good deal. Sometimes old school works best.

Thanks. Yes, slowly but surely we’ll integrate it throughout the world where we can and where it can be done properly. You can imagine the difficulty of setting this up, making sure the equipment traded in is honored and taken care of, people get treated the way we want, etc. Slow but sure, drip, drip, drip. One at a time.

Typically, go on line, do your research as to what your gear is worth. Subtract 30% and that is the TMR price. Not always the best place to sell but a good spot to buy. And trades are not too bad depending …I have got a few things from there- recently a Powerbase. They sell gear for a few retailers/dealers. They are also a PSA dealer and the advice above “pick up the phone and chat with someone” works really well. Nick is the guy.