Android 12 - Forum app no longer working

My phone updated to Android 12 today. Since the update the forum app no longer works. It opens, and stays on a blank screen. No text whatsoever. I deleted and reinstalled, rebooted, and did a shutdown/start.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

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No, the reason is I don’t own a cellular phone. :grin:


Have you tested your telegraph to see if it’s still working?



I could only imagine the comedy of trying to run an app with dots and dashes
Hmmm let’s see …it could take a month or two to find home page… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Lots of places here in the mountains has no cell service and not a telegraph line in sight!!
We have to pipe sunshine in also!! :laughing:
Did you get the problem straighten out?

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Smoke signals work up here in the north, but lots of interference from forest fires nowadays!


No not yet. I’ll poke at it some more this evening. I need to test on another device like a tablet or possibly my Wife’s phone. There’s a fair chance that it’s me.

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On the perchance of it but are you running a vpn…
The reason I ask is because the vpn on my phone gets in the
way of my Oppo media controller wifi ap…

Try without vpn…see if that corrects the problem

Bets wishes

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Let us know. I guess worst case, you could download something like Chrome to your phone and that should work properly.

I’m super curious if the anyone else has gone to 12 and their experience with the forum app.

Sorry my sammy only android 11 o far…

Same with my wife’s Samsung. I think the Pixel’s are the only victims so far.

No prob here. Because I’ve given up trying to surf the forum on my phone. Tiny font’s hard on my aging eyes. Don’t even use my phone for checking email anymore. Same issue … decrepitude. Getting old sucks.


You are in good company. I am right behind you.

Take care,

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Is there a forum app? I’ve always used browsers on PC and tablet.


Tablets have larger enough screens that enable reading the text on apps
and interact…but as was pointed out…phone screens are useless for
these apps…unless a person may have an old larger screen phablet.

Ain’t it fun … :thinking:

Best wishes ya’ll

On an Android phone when you use chrome you will get a prompt asking if you want push notifications and of you want to install PS Audio on your device.

If you don’t see the prompt you may need to close the the tab and clear cookies.

@jamesh is there another way to install the applet?


My issue is that with Android 12, when I launch the applet I get a white screen vs the Forum.

I just tried using the browser Vivaldi and it works! The issue must be with Chrome.


Thank you Vince. I confused an applet for an application :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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