New Look Forum?

I logged in to the forum this morning to a new look. Now it’s back to the old look. What is happening? Was that a new site look or was it a hacked site? The look was very close to the look and feel of Roon. I had an account there but the posts seemed to be a bit stale. Very confused.

It is a new site that will supposedly take over from this one eventually.

Ok. So why was it there this morning and gone this afternoon?

Yes, it is exactly the same type of forums as Roon. It’s called Discourse and it is a hosted forum that we are switching to. We had a terrible bout with the website that finally got resolved. In the middle of it, when the forums couldn’t be accessed, I asked Kevin to turn on the new forums even though they weren’t ready. He did and then the website got fixed and then we switched back. Sigh. Sorry. This all looks so squirely.

Thanks Paul. I was worried I had gotten hijacked. I actually like the new look.

Me too and I am excited to start playing on the new forum. Hopefully we’ll make the switch this week.

Is this the new look forum? What do you all think of it? My first reaction is one of disorientation. It says the latest posts are 13 hours old. Could that be? I’m going to keep playing with it to see if it gets more intuitive.

The graphical look and feel of the “category” view is odd. It needs better use of borders and color blocking. Also, there is too much spacing between categories.

The other views seem better.

Mind you, this is using an iPhone. Haven’t checked out the desktop UX yet.

You are not a Roon forum user I bet. This layout is very similar to the look and feel of the Roon Forum. I like it.

I am a non-Roon user. However, I have used the mobile web since it’s inception and participate in a number of user groups/forums. I also ran a mobile website development company that built Ecommerce sites for very large companies. Perhaps it will grow on me, but my first reaction is not a rave, especially the category view.

Perhaps it is no doubt a more stable and secure platform. The UI needs tweaking.

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The forum logged me in as jenniffercatherin whreas I’m actually stevem2. I also noted that a thread I started previsously (RIP Hugh Masekela) is now attribted to jennfifercatherin. I tried logging out and back in but it automatically logged me in as jenniffercatherin again.

Ok, I’m on my desktop computer now. I see what it’s supposed to be. It’s not optimized for mobile. The mobile version is a poor translation of the desktop UI/UX. In 2018, optimization across all devices and browsers needs to be a priority. We used to call this “mobile first.” By now, companies need to understand that the smart phone is the most prevalent device for surfing the web. Maybe, there is a mobile implementation in the works. One can hope.

stevem2, I think I have this fixed for you. Please let me know if not.

Looks good. Thanks much Elk!


I have had to change a few others as well. My account also transferred with an odd name that was not otherwise even registered. Weird stuff.

Really. I found the mobile UX one of the reasons we went for the software. Our old forum’s look on mobile was almost unuasable.

So far I ain’t digging the new site. But hey…time will tell.

It’ll take some time. Have patience. It’s hardly intuitive at first but over time I’ve grown to really like it. Especially ther fact you can reply to a reply.

It sucked big time at first for me because it wasn’t obvious how to navigate to just the new posts that I hadn’t read. I had to mark everything as read, catch up with the latest posts with the latest post button at the top and then links to the new posts showed up in multiple convenient places. I also went to my preferences and change the definition of new posts to be those new posts that I haven’t read rather than the posts over the last few days that I haven’t read. At this point, except for the smaller font than I’d like, I’m getting used to it and it doesn’t bug me anymore.

Thanks, Ted. Indeed, there are aspects of this that are frustrating but with a bit of work in the preferences area and as we shake things out I think this’ll overall be better. Thanks for the help.