No longer getting "number of new posts" for Most Recent Topics

Earlier today I just did one of those re-logins that the site makes us do every so often. Once I did that, now every time I press the “Most recent topics” button, the panel with recent topics comes up but none of them have the little button on the right showing the number of new posts. A number of these were threads that I’ve been reading, and they did actually have new posts. This is happening consistently now.

My “most recent topics with unread posts” -button doesn’t work anymore? (yes - I have logged in).

I think that’s the current known bug. Try navigating to your Inbox page and then hitting the Most Recent Topics button.

Tony22 - Thank you so much for your post above! Now as long as I go to my Inbox first the Most Recent Posts functions just as it used to. I don’t know how you figured that out, but I greatly appreciate it as a simple workaround.

It does work, but using workarounds is getting old. Sure hope that all these bugs that popped up while Paul was in Munich get fixed, and SOON!

I just changed my PS Audio forum bookmark to the Inbox page, so no extra step is needed to access the Most Recent Topics list.

I like what it does on an Android. If you scroll down the main Forums page, after the Forums list it shows a list of each new unread topic starting with the newest. Not quite sure why we can’t get that when accessing from a PC.