Android Forum App - white bar at top

Is anyone else seeing a white bar at the top of the forum while using Android? This just started this morning. It’s blocking things like seeing the topic header, or using the drop down on the right side.

It’s also happening when I use Chrome without the applet.

@Elk @jamesh - was there an update to Discord?

I just tested duckduckgo, it has the same issue

Hey Vince…

While I don’t use the app but when I use chrome on my android 13 I get
the standard PS Audio motif and headers…

Sorry can’t help you further.

Best wishes

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As soon as I scroll down past the first post in a topic the entire header becomes white and I can no longer see anything across the top.

It’s also happening in “white” mode.

At the top of a topic I can see some of the interface:

But as soon as I scroll down, they disappear:

Mine is looking funky on Chrome too. I’ll check with the guys and see what they think.

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“Android”? What is this–Android?


@jamesh - there’s some posts about this here as well:

It’s an OS that went on “Safari”, and came back knowing it could do much better.


I just checked the Roon and dCS forums, both are discord forums. Neither have this new issue.

I’m having the same issue.

Looks like elk responded to requests to make the standard menu bar appear in dark mode, but discourse is doubtless a tangled spaghetti of scripts (js? php? Anyone know offhand) so the change has had unintended consequences.

Don’t know if it’s related but on my windows desktop on Edge browser, the scaling looks a little off with the menu bar on the left (at 1440p) and should mention I’ve got the Dark Reader plugin enabled, although disabling it doesn’t correct it.



Yep sure enough…My Oppo media player outstanding with Android …
clunky on IOS 16…

Best wishes

@elk - if you made a change it worked. The white bar is gone.


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Yep, confirm for me on desktop, it’s corrected it also

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Yes, back to where we were, and still no main menu in the upper left while using one of the dark themes.

I will otherwise see if I can get to work, but I have put enough time into it today. :slight_smile:


Thanks for trying. I am certain all of us appreciate your efforts.