Another BHK fuse q

I know there is a lot of discussion on fuses…i have 1 more question :slight_smile:
I know some components like my Innuos that uses a standard 2A fuse also sound good with a 3.2 A fuse.
Does anyone have any experience with a slightly higher rated fuse with the BHK Pre -or is the recommendation to sick with 2A. The goal is the best sonic improvement.

Im not sure what to make of this answer

A fuse is meant to protect your gear from an overcurrent issue. I can’t imagine a normal situation where would want to circumvent this failsafe.

I would stick with what the manufacturer intended as it is sized for a reason, to protect the equipment should there be a problem. In other words replace like for like.

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In some cases the manufacturer lets u go higher

As I understand it stock fuses have about a 10% over-current tolerance while at least some aftermarket fuses are more sensitive and will blow at the slightest over-current. While Innuous may condone a higher rated fuse (3.15A in this case) because of past customer reports/experience it is the exception rather than the rule. Unless specifically stated by the manufacturer stick with their recommended value for the reasons previously stated.

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I would stick with the 2A for the BHK pre. It’s not a great idea to push the limits and risk harming the unit. Some manufacturers may differ, but I highly recommend not differing from the spec’d value.

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Thank you. I ordered the hi-fi Supreme 2A. I hope there is some real sonic difference there :slight_smile:


There will be and at the risk of possible snickering try orienting the fuse both ways. You’ll also hear a difference and have one orientation you prefer.

I use Hi-Fi tuning copper and silver fuses everywhere in my system and find them good value and sound improvement over stock ones. But as always many seem to prefer more expensive ones like SR Orange.But I can say that mr. Ahne from hi-fi tuning recommended to use a bit bigger value than suggested to be safe to use. And to actually sound even better…

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I had HiFi Tuning Supreme fuses in all of my PS Audio components a total of 18 in fact. I took advantage of the SR Orange 3 for 2 promotion and replaced all but the 8 BHK 300 Rail fuses. Unlike some people I don’t subscribe to the incremental process. I installed all at once. So far I’m pleased and yes there is a different sound. There’s more detail across the spectrum. I’ll wait a few days before I make a further opinion. The break-in should smooth things out.

Now as for the BHK Pre the H rated fuse blew on inrush I went to a T or slow blow. That worked correctly.

I use HiFi Tuning copper fuses, but never thought about going higher than mfg. rated amps as a sort of risk aversion!

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