Purple fuse upgrade

Is this the right purple fuse (upgrade) configuration for pre BHK?

5A Synergistic Research Purple Quantum Fuse Small (5x20mm) 250v Slo-Blo

If you’re in the US BHK Preamp uses a 2A 5x20 SLO

Thx. I’m in US.
Is the above selection correct?
I think I just need1 fuse?

Is there any notable SQ difference with purple fuse? @dcaudioguy

Yes just one fuse. The screenshot is the correct value and size. Definitely worth it in my opinion.

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I had the SR Orange fuses before and Purple is a step up in SQ for sure.


Agreed. All my previous fuses were orange. Very nice upgrade going from orange to purple.


Did you (or anyone else) swap out an Orange for Purple in their Directstream Dac?

Hear about obvious improvements of the Purple used in other kit, but not many about the Dac.

Noticed a nice upgrade moving from Blue to Orange with my Dac, so curious!

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Sorry I sold my dad dac. It had an orange in it at the time. I’m sure purple would benefit it though. it has helped every component I’ve used one in.

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Today I replaced the Beeswax Ultimate Premier fuse in my DS with a SR Purple and the best way to describe it is it sounds even more rich and live, more real sounding. Before when I had the SR Orange in the DS, the Beeswax did a similar improvement, less veiled sounding. I believe the Beeswax to Purple difference is even greater.


Sounds like quite a jump from Orange to Purple in the DS Dac then.
thanks for that.

Look forward to improving my Dac…AGAIN

If I can ask,
Just as its not long been done…
Which direction did you place the fuse?


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S facing to the back of the DS and R to the front. Actually I have never tried it the other way around since it sounds so fantastic the way it is, but if you want to be experimental and go through the trouble, you can try it both ways and see what happens. You can leave the cover off when you do it, but the cover off may affect the sound, and to take the cover on and off is such a pain in the you know what. It really is not a good design to put the fuse inside the unit. If the DS didn’t sound so good, it would be a big deal for many.

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I still run a Bees Wax SHD Ultimate but not Premier in the DS. The differences were related to one being push pull design

I found Similar differences between Ultimate premier but have not felt need to pursue purple in DS yet. But impacts to P20 and my LPS were similar in removing colorations and clarity

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What does “push pull” mean re. a fuse?

Did the direction compare thing with the Orange in my Dac,
Remember spending a fair bit of time swapping back and forth?

The way your suggesting is exactly the way my Orange was inserted, and I just put the Purple in the exact same way.

Talks of SR production process and variance between fuses… ‘Listen for what way sounds best’?

Another way to tell direction of these fuses (apart from the label) is the engraving on the end caps.
It’s only on one side, and happily the Purple matched the Orange in this regard.
The label direction matched on both fuses too.

Happy to stay with what I have, noticable jump in clarity and top end cohesion/smoothness straight out the box.

These were the qualities I listened for when swapping fuse direction for best sound, as per SR’s guidelines.

Job done.

If my suspicions are correct,
can see me getting Purples for my BHK Pre and CD Transport.

Transplanted the SR Orange from the Dac to my CD Transport (BHK has an orange) and noticed a BIG improvement over the good but budget aftermarket fuse I had in already.

If Purple is better than Orange (which I’m hearing in the Dac) then I will get more from my CD Transport with a Purple.

One in the BHK is probably a no brainer!

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Yes, the Purple seem to make more difference than all the fuses I tried previously, especially putting it in the P20.

Ted said awhile ago that the DACll will have an external fuse holder. Hope this remains true. I have put Purple fuses in place of Orange in the P20, BHK pre, DACSr and PST, at the same time. I concur with the observations that they make things a little more palpable in a quieter background. Not a huge leap for me as I have had recent component changes, but a bump worth the investment.


It beats me the one I Have in DS is explained here the premier used I core. I belief one was harder to manufacture so I am imagining the sacrificall filament on I core is I beam cross section push pull might be two filaments?


In my search there is an ASR thread you can read all about audio magic, PS Audio and Regenerators. :joy:

I had SR Orange as primary fuses in my BHK 300’s and HiFiTuning Supreme’s for the rails. I replaced the Oranges for Purple and liked the contribution. Later I popped a Purple into my Waversa VDac and was even more pleased. Initially the sound was bright. The brightness quickly wore off and I’m getting more detail and tighter midrange and bass. I was confusing detail for brightness. It should get better with a few hours. I’m mostly Purple in all of my gear. We’ll see what the next colour is? I like where my system is now. I was nervous moving off the DSD after the 5 year run that I had. It’s going to a friend’s home in a few weeks. He’s genuinely excited to have it in his possession with all the upgrades that I had given it.