Spare Fuses For BHK 300 and Preamp

I would like to keep some spare fuses on hand for my BHK 300 and Preamp. I would prefer using the same type/brand of fuses that are currently in the units.

Does anyone know the specific types of fuses and where to purchase them?


I bet if you asked @Schroedster he’d be happy to send you a couple spares.

That would be fantastic. I’ll see if he replies here. If not I’ll send him a PM.

Thanks Brett! :+1:

Happy to help! Send me an email with your address and we’ll get some heading your way :grin:

Thanks so much Scott.

Just have to say that PS Audio has by far the best customer service. So very much appreciated!!!

Always happy to help :grin:

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What brand fuses are used in the BHK 300 monoblocks?

Based on what I’ve replaced. They look like Hifi Tuning fuses.

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HiFi Tuning makes some very good ceramic fuses at relatively reasonable prices. Impressive if they’re standard on the BHK’s. Left channel BHK300 input stage won’t turn on after power briefly (about 10 seconds) went off and on during thunderstorm. New Fuses on the way from PS Audio. Good news, if they’re HFi tuning fuses, better news if the problem is only a couple of blown fuses. Fingers crossed.