Synergistic fuse problems

Although I do believe I hear a useful and pleasant improvement with their Blue fuses, after blowing two of them, I vowed never again–they’re not worth it. But in a weak moment I ordered one for my Pass Labs preamp to replace the cheezy stock glass tube.
Preamp unplugged for a couple hours for the first one and a week while I was away for the second one and when I turned on my P20, everything lit up but the preamp. Stock fuse works fine.
Anybody have trouble with these fuses?

Yep, my BHK pre ate a sr black after two months.

They seem to overrate their capacity

I also burned 2 SR Blues in my Aurender. The Aurender N10 use 2- 1 amp fuses. Just turned it on and it was dead. So I put in my back up Hi Fi Tuning Supremes and everything is fine. No problem with the Hi Fi Tuning except they don’t sound as good as the SR Blues. I also have the Blues in my DS dac and Dmp. So far they have not blown, finger crossed.

Stock fuses are fine. Fancy fuses are way overpriced. I would NEVER buy hem. I did buy some gold ones once for Emovitva XPR-1’s I had. Little to no difference.

I think I noticed a difference but it could have totally been expectation bias. Pricey for the ‘maybe’ difference.

If you don’t own one, you should buy a cheap multimeter.
Or if you just want to test fuses, a continuity tester.
That way you can be sure it is the fuse.

Interesting statement in the manual for my Pass Labs preamp:

“Audio Specialty FUSE: NOTE: The “Overload” and “Time Delay characteristics” will differ slightly (due to the different metallurgy of the fuse elements) between commercial grade and audio grade fuses. We can’t guarantee that your audiophile grade fuse, won’t blow at a different in-rush current threshold, than your stock commercial fuse.”