ANOTHER M1200s story

I’ve been reading and kibitzing about these amps for maybe a month, and that reading inspired me to begin a plan to simplify my multichannel-audio/video system… I ordered on May 11 a new pair of M1200s in silver… PSA personnel didn’t know when they might be available but assured me that it’d be at least weeks, as in maybe four to six… Lo and behold, this morning Joey Fischer e-mailed that my pair was ready to ship, I sent the funds via PayPal, and an hour or so later I received the offical notice from FedEx that they were shipped today the 20th and would arrive this Friday the 22nd; WOW!!!

I’m HIGHLY impressed–AGAIN–with the excellent-quality service this just-a-paying-customer is getting from PSA… I especially commend taking-care-of-cutomers-from-home Joey Fischer and also, of course, Paul McGowan for having the attitude and establishing the policies that create and support the environment that does such GREAT WORK.

I already have two pairs of NOS British Mullard 12AU7s to break-in while the amps mature, and eight higher-quality cable-ends for my buddy to install will be on their way tomorrow.

Lucky me. :grinning: :grin: :grinning: :yum: :grinning:


Great news, I ordered 3 m1200’s in black on the 5/12, hopefully mine will be shipping soon as well. Can’t wait to hear your results. Happy listening!!!

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TYVM… I’ll log my experiences.


IMO, PS Audio truly has the best customer service around.


You may be “just a paying customer,” but a pair of M1200s is not a purchase to sneeze at, for any company.

Got mine this week


My God this sounds whos

Whoa massive

Received them in excellent condition, perhaps because they’re so well packed. :slightly_smiling_face:
Took off a cover–which is much heavier than that of the M700, if my memory is correct–looked around, installed(1) one member of the two pairs of 12AU7s I bought from Brent Jesse…
…and got it running.

Opened and installed the other; my 76-year-old and somewhat-arthritic hands and fingers were quite challenged by this–hence another vote for the Tube Puller.

While both were playing quietly, I rebalanced my 7-2-6 multichannel system, and then sat and listened.

The sound quality was…VERY nice…or maybe better than that, with NO hardness, edginess, unattractiveness.

I think these will end up sounding FABULOUS.

(1) These tubesockets grip TIGHTLY; I’m ordering a Tube Puller.


My M1200s have been running 24/7 since May 22 while breaking-in two pairs of British 12AU7s and some new speakercable I recently added in series to my existing hardwired-to-the-speakers cable.

Just this afternoon I sat and listened carefully to my favorite multichannel SACDs.

WOW–the amps sound better than I initially thought… They reproduce wide, deep soundstages, have very attractive tonality, are quite transparent, and are never edgy, grainy, or unattractive sounding… While I’m confident that the Golden-Eared-Audiofools among us could hear differences between the M1200s and my $20,000 Atma-Sphere MA-1s(1), my sonic memory isn’t that good… I’m THRILLED with their sounds.

My only complaint is that the M1200s have too much gain for my high-sensitivity (96dB) speaker system, so that I have the speaker systems’ bassamps turned full up to try to match that very high sensitivity.

TYVM Darren, Paul, and the rest of the PSA crew for producing such fine musical instruments.
(1) the MA-1 is an output-transformerless, 160-Watts-into-8-or-4, all-triode-vacuumtubed monoamp that uses THIRTY-EIGHT triode sections per amp.


That’s neat. M1200s sound like the real deal according to the almost universal praise they get from owners.

I cannot think of even one who hasn’t been impressed and left impressions on these forums.