M1200 Coming Soon

I gather from a recent Paul McGowan comment that the M1200 amp’s release is a couple months away. I am super interested in it. To get my superficial questions out of the way, will its case size be the same as the M700’s at 17x3x12"? Will it have a remote?

I can wait for the more important specifications, although at 75, @Paul I may not have that much time. :slight_smile:

@badbeef posted pictures of the AN3 assembly area last year, so I am counting on his abilities with Scott’s help to post pre-release photos.


Cases are about 3/4" taller. No remote.

class D, I’m guessing eh…?

Yeah. New SOTA 1200w Ice Powers with mods to their boards approved by them that Darren requested.

Plus the AU7 tube front end. Crazy clean slam, plus tube-rolling. What’s not to like? PS Vanes (as in the BHK Pre) installed, but drop some NOS Mullards, Teles or RCAs in there to taste, and…:exploding_head:


sounds pretty sweet to me! stereo or mono’s?

Monos like the M700’s.


beef…is there a BHK phono preamp in the works too?

Yes. It is/has been discussed elsewhere here. Circa $16-20k, An Obsidian Range device, like the TSS. Gobs of tubes. What Darren wants to own whenever BHK is done with it. You can’t rush Genius.

Amen to that.

I believe Paul is 71, no need to rush things. Plus, I think he is in quite good shape for his age, good clean living and all … :grinning:

Foley, who only has 1 CD, is 75. He never said anything about Paul’s age.

Got it … I missed the “I”, without it, well, that’s how I read it. Apologies …

No apologies ever, I was poking fun at Paul’s delay of the AN3 which I wanted to own; but alas, I was not direct in my humor. I am not upset or frustrated with Paul, rather I am a big fan of his and PS Audio.

Beef, confession, I have been keeping secret the increase of my CD collection to 2. Hope we can still be friends. :slight_smile:



"2CD"foley…I forgive you ; )

The big question is whether they can run with the big Infinity (1.6 ohm) or is there no interest here lol

More love Denmark


According to the spec sheet the answer is no. Minimum impedence for the 1200AS modules is 2.7 ohm.

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It’s in the same chassis as the M700 except for its height, which has been increased by 1”. So it is taller.

There’s a removable panel in the rear for tube access.

It’s one of the best sounding amps we’ve ever made regardless of what you need for power - and it has kick ass power.

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They can hit 2Ω without a problem and lower for tried periods so they might work with the big Infinities, but we haven’t yet tried them to be sure.

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Thanks - more love Denmark

what is the estimate cost for the M1200s?