Another positive review

DS is by now so firmly entrenched as a top sound quality, top value-for-money product that excellent reviews are almost par for the course … so maybe some of you guys missed the Audio Video South Africa review:-

The reviewer Deon Schoeman ended up buying the review unit, which is high praise indeed.

Excellent find, thanks. Interestingly written.

Addressing the new firmware, he writes:

"This was demonstrated to jaw-dropping effect towards the end of my review period when new firmware was released, immediately ramping up the already impressive sound quality of the DirectStream by a further few, significant notches. My listening notes instantly became obsolete . . . "

He concludes:

"A vibrant, powerful, compelling sound that challenges the mind and touches your soul. No other DAC I’ve heard sounds quite as lifelike. A new benchmark — and still improving."

I think he liked it.


His last two paragraphs pretty much sum it up.

He even spelled Moar correctly. smiley-music005_gif