Questions About M700


I’m thinking about upgrading my Naim NAP 250 power amp (1997) to the M700 mono-blocks and have some questions. My speakers are Dynaudio Excite X38.

  1. The listed dimensions say that the each amp is 3" high. Does that include the feet? I’m a little space restricted and only have 7" of height between shelves in my rack and both amps would have to be stacked on the same shelf.

  2. In one of the online reviews that I read it mentioned that the amps sounded better when they were NOT stacked but on separate stands. Now, that could be due to several reasons that have nothing to do with the amps being stacked, but I wonder of any users could comment if they’ve had the same experience.

  3. Other amps under consideration are the Parasound A21 and the Anthem MCA 225. Can comment on their performance relative to the M700?

I use a Power Plant Premier and before that a P600 and have accumualted a lot of respect for Paul and PS Audio over the years, but I want to make sure that I make the right decision first time if I change amps.


Mark Dunn

IMHO you can’t go wrong with the 700s. Those were the best amps I ever had. I liked parasound a lot and a very good value in most cases, but the 700s could drive my speakers (4ohm, 87db) like no other. I could not hear a difference stacked or not. However I did have them on each side of the system near each speaker eventually. Also you may hear that 500 dollar feet make them sound better and I can’t hear that either so YMMV. I would choose a 700 set over the 21 in a heartbeat but that’s just me. I think Parasounds best product is the HALO.
Good luck on your journey.


Stacked M700s, with feet. 7 inches works.

7" works for stacking with a little less than half an inch to spare.

Thanks all,

Further comments welcome. :grinning:

Mark Dunn

I have them in 8” enclosed space and they stay on full time, barely get warm.

I recall a thread here where Paul said the M700s were designed to be stacked. I stack mine without issue. @brett66 is right, they barely get warm. The Stellar GCD on the other hand does get warm and I stack it on top. Space issues here too.

All I can say, a year later, is that I am getting sound, off the best cds and vinyl, sounding
closest to what one assumes one would hear live, that I have ever heard in my home.
My M700s, two on each side are placed on two level Pangea stands. I have placed Herbie’s
pucks under the amps feeding the bass sides of the Megalines, and (I’ve forgotten the name)
of the recommended and rather expensive pucks under the M700s feeding the ribbon sides
of the Megalines. I would be afraid to spend any more money chasing further improvements,
as I suspect I have reached very close to the upper limits of what this system can convey.
Musically, with good recordings (often with recordings that in the past sounded no more than
average) I hear increased resolution, detail, and more realistic timbres of instruments and voice
than I heard in the past. Clearly, though contributing to this is the latest firmware in the Directstream DAC and player.

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It is wonderful to be this pleased a year later. :slight_smile:

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Indeed it is. How are you doing?

I too am exceedingly pleased with the M700 performance. I suspect they are not the weak link in very many systems.

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These amps grace the systems of many homes and bring a great deal of musical pleasure to many. I have been recommending them to more and more people because of it.


Thanks everyone,

All I need now is the OK from ‘her indoors’. :slightly_smiling_face:

Mark Dunn

Hi Mark,
I have Naim Supernait 2 and was suggested by a Naim dealer I us it as a preamp and get the NAP 250 DR. You’re getting rid of your 250 for the M700. The NAP 250DR is $7800 vs the M700 for $3300. When I brought up my desire to add external amps at PS Audio they suggested the M700. What am I missing in understanding this? Sounds like a no brained to go with M700’s if you’re looking to trade up from your Naim unless the DR makes a huge difference from what you have and if so, why not trade up to the new 250 DR?

Hi Jim,

I didn’t get the M700s in the end. I bought an EWA M-50 instead, so I can’t really comment.

However, I will say that Naim equipment is now very overpriced in the US and I’d advise looking at alternatives.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Mark Dunn

Thanks for your feedback. Hope you enjoy your new amp.

All the best to you,