Improved Power Supply for Router worth it?

I’m using an ASUS router, which has a wall-wart rated at 19v, 1.75a.
Just wondering if it’s worth replacing with an LPS, or if anyone has any recommendations for one?
I’ve got an Ethernet filter in front of the DSD/Bridge, and an iPower for the Netgear Ethernet switch, but I’ve wondered whether cleaner power for the router would make any difference.
Anyone with experience on this care to comment?

Probably not. The switch mode regulators inside would need to be replaced to realize the most benefit but even then it’s a modest gain compared to other ‘tweaks’ in my experience.

Better spend the money for a separate power line for the Stereo. You‘ll catch the effect for the router supply/stereo influence and add a load more.

I’ve got dedicated circuits for the power amps, and the low-level stuff on third and fourth lines. But that’s a little off-topic.

So if you run the router on a different cirquit and also have an ethernet filter in front of the bridge , why do you think a better router power supply should have noticeable impact?

IMO the only improvement it should give is put less noise into the power circuit where the router is connected. As this circuit is separate from the audio circuit and the router itself doesn’t really have sound quality sensibility, you just might have a little more noise in front of the ethernet filter…so if the filter is good, there should be hardly any impact.

On the other hand such a separate new power supply shouldn’t be that expensive. If you try it, I’d be interested in your findings.

EtherRegen or at least get a switch in between with linear power supply.