Any issues stacking the P12 power plant right on top of the direct stream DAC Sr?

Hi Friends,

Any issues stacking the P12 power plant right on top of the direct stream DAC Sr?

I’m just worried about possible EMI issues with stacking the two so close together…space is limited.

What do you guys think?



It’s kind of heavy…I actually reinforced my shelf to support my P12.

Personally I wouldn’t, not to mention some heat generation could discolor the top of the DAC Sr. Wood panel.


“limited space”… That’s a tough situation. I have a P12 and DS Sr also, and learned that the rubber feet harden over a few days so the isolation they provide is reduced. Hence the sound degrades. If they were stacked, it may make matters worse.
You’ve made quite an investment in these units and they will perform best with good support (racking, etc), isolation and breathing space. All the power cords going into the P12 should be separated from interconnects and speaker wire, so I have my P12 on the bottom shelf so the heavy power cords are primarily on the floor and the other wiring is primarily “in the air”.


Good advice, ill make sure i keep it on the bottom and give it some breathing room.

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I also have the p12 on the bottom and the DS sr on top. They both are on 4 vibra cones which allows ventilation. The p12 fan doesn’t come on at all except with initiation on turning on the main switch on the back.

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Take a look at these…Aircom S8 or T8. Stack between your two devices. Keep the P12 on the bottom. I use T8s on my P5 and P12. Cheap insurance to keep heat at bay.

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I am getting ready to do a similar stack. I need to stack my BHK preamp on top of the P12 to free up a shelf for a new piece of equipment. I am going to space it up with some Isoacoustics Pucks or maybe just some simple rubber furniture feet stacked up 1-1/2" so the P12 has some breathing room.

I haven’t gotten my P12 yet…I actually just ordered it. I was just preparing :slight_smile:

I have decided to not stack them at all anymore. I hear the P12 really needs room to vent heat and I don’t want that heat and or EMI near/up close to my other components. So, I’m planning on biting the bullet and just giving it some space.

Below is a picture showing the huge heat sinks inside the P12…and if it gets too hot the fans will come on blowing hot air right up to your preamp. The preamp would probably be fine…just something to keep in mind.

I have very little heat coming from my P12 and have never heard the fans running. I will check the draw later but I think it is around 250 watts or less with everything running. Speakers are active so there are no power amps in this system.

Yeah, if it doesn’t get too hot and you have enough space you will probably be fine.

Hey, off topic, took a peak at your kit. How do you like the 700 monos with the bhk pre? Thats a good idea which i didn’t consider. I bet it sounds good.

They go really nice together. That system had a DSjr and M700’s when I first put it together and I controlled the volume with the DSJr. I was looking for a good headphone amp to go into the system and that led me to the BHK preamp as it has a killer HP amp for not much more money than a nice HP amp alone. Adding the BHK preamp was more of an overall improvement than I was expecting.

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Can you describe the overall improvement with the BHK pre? You had them connected to the M700’s? How did they sound together?

If the P12 has breathing space it will be fine.

I would say that the Jr. sounded so good that I really wasn’t expecting much out of the BHK preamp but was very pleasantly surprised. The entire presentation was just plain better. And I got a world class HP amp to boot. When you are ready they will send you one to try for a month but be prepared to keep it.

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