Stacking stellar powerplant 3 units

i have two stellar powerplant 3 regenerators, both of which are devoted to source components. in order to make space on my rack i’m planning to stack them. i can use spacers to separate them, but i’ve been assured by the ps audio rep that this isn’t necessary. the rubber feet provide sufficient clearance and the rack is completely open on all sides with adequate vertical space to permit ventilation for the top unit in the stack. still, i’d like to hear what others think of this plan.

For a while I was stacking a Stellar Phono Pre on top of my P3. Was trying to fit five components and a turntable on one five shelf rack. Can’t say I noticed anything bad about this, but still … it bothered me. So now I have two racks! Always a bad temptation when you have a second one in storage! I use IsoAcoustics Orea under my components so I had three Indigo under the P3 (which carried the weight of two components) and three Bronze under the Stellar Phono. I liked the isolation and the increased air gap.

One thing to consider, the back of my rack is exposed and I walk behind it regularly, so I use the shortest possible power cords (0.6 M to 1.0 M) to avoid brushing against them (I did this once and a jostled DAC cord sent my BHK250 into protect mode). Some will argue you need longer (at least 1.5 M) for best effect but having lots of excess cable is a no go for me. If you think like I do maybe keeping the two P3 separated will permit using shorter power cables to more components and fewer cables crossing each other.

I’m sure either way will work, experimentation is the “fun” part of this hobby!

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