Stacking p12 and DS Dac

If I wanted to stack my P12 and DS Dac, is that a bad idea? If it’s ok, should P12 go on top to keep its vents clear? Seems awful heavy to put the p12 on top of the DS. Could either one go on top? Or…should I Just avoid stacking at all costs?

If I were you, I’d probably put the DS on top. With the caveat that you’re not running the P12 very hard. If the P12’s fans are always running and it’s cranking out heat, you may need to find a different solution. The DSD’s chassis is strong enough to hold the P12, but I’m kind of with you. The P12 is so damn heavy I don’t really want that sitting on top of the DS.

The P12 will only support the Dac, a Lumin, a headphone amp and the WiFi access point so not much draw for this headphone-only system

If you want a little more air flow for your P12, you might try some Herbies Tall Tenderfeet under the DAC. They’re inexpensive and a good product for damping vibration.