Is it OK to stack the DirectStream DAC and Perfect Wave Transport?

Im a bit short on space and am wondering if stacking is OK, if so which would you put on the bottom?

Thanks, Mark

Yep, see your other thread:

Thanks Ted

I have stacked mine for a long time with no untoward effects.

I will admit the theoretical purist in me does not like the idea of the spinning drive in the PWT directly coupled via the two chassis with the DAC, but it does not seem to make any difference. I have tried one on top of the other, and vice versa, and this too appears to make no difference.

What about stacking a PowerBase on top of the DirectStream and then stacking a 25 lb hybrid tube headphone amp on top of the PowerBase? The rationale for this is your DirectStream manual suggests separating the DAC from noise generating amps and this seems like it would create separation. Does this make sense and is it even necessary?



I do not believe you would hurt anything. Try it.

It certainly wouldn’t hurt anything, as Elk suggests, and if that’s more convenient, go for it.

Have just received my newly purchased direct stream dac and power base. If I place the directstream dac on top of the power base do I need to take the feet off the dac first?

No, you don’t. You could leave the feet on. Or you could try it without the feet, or with OTHER isolation feet. Experimenting is fun.


And please let us know what you try and your conclusions.

I have removed the feet of the DSD and use Herbie’s Tenderfoot isolation feet between it and the Powerbase. PWT is stacked on top of the DSD, again with feet removed and Tenderfoot feet between the two.