Any Paradigm Users

I am curious if any of you have Paradigm speakers in your setup? I have a pair of Paradigm Monitor 7 version 7 speakers I use in a small room. I also have a pair of Monitor version 7 bookshelf speakers that I am not currently using. I especially like the clarity in the mid-range and vocals. Good sound at a reasonable price.


Been a Paradigm user for 10 or so years. Have a pair of Mini Monitors V7 that I absolutely adore…. About 2 years ago during one of their sales I upgraded to their Premier 800Fs. Perhaps a little too big for our modest living room in our 100+ year old 4 square Craftsman but I find them super engaging and well tempered. Sometimes depending on the music I can find them a touch hot or bright, but I upgraded to a pair of Transparent High Performance speaker cables and that has smoothed them out a bit. Also I think they are a great match for the S300.

I have a pair of 11se MKIIs for close to 25 years, served me well and now they are in service at our house in the Hamptons (TN). :grinning:

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Studio 20v5. They do a lot right. I’ve auditioned several speakers up to the $5K range. Some speakers have better bass. Some have better mid range and some have smother treble. I’ve been considering a pair of Kef reference 1 or Joseph Audio Pulsars, but have not had an in home trial yet. Both are a HUGE jump in price over the Paradigms.

I have a pair of Monitor 11 V5. They used to be my main speakers until I upgraded to Focal Sopra No 2. Now they are in my secondary system.

For the price, paradigm speakers are hard to beat.