Sprout100/Bookshelf Speaker Combo

Hi all,
So I begin my quest for a new set of speakers.

Currently, I own a pair of Paradigm Monitor 20s, V2.

While I love their warm sound and good imaging, they are some 20 years old and I wonder if I can
do better.

I am on a modest budget and hope to keep my costs below $1000.

My main qualm is there is no good place locally to hear speakers, so I am turning to the community here.

What do you have and love? I know Elac Debut 2.0 b6.2 are a good choice and endorsed by PSAudio, but I have also read good reviews of Klipsch RPM600s. Or B&W 707s. And I know there are members that love Martin Logan Motion 35s…the list goes on.

So…what am I looking for? I love a warm sound but get most excited by great imaging, so that is top on my list.

Thanks for your input.


My oldest son has a Sprout100 paired with KEF Q900s. It is a great match. I would recommend you look at the Q350 for bookshelves. My second son has the original Sprout with the ELACs and they are very good as well. You might also look at the ELAC UB5 as people rave about the sound for the cost. I like the KEF sound. I have the LSXs in my office and they are very good.

There are also used KEF LS50s at your price available.

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I can get new LS50’s for 1000 Canadian so US will be less.

KEF Q100 sound exquisite with it. R300 even more so. Wharfedale Denton 80th, mist laid back sound. I currently have all those 3 with Sprout100. As well as the ELAC’s B6.2. My favorite pairing still with the Q-100, but it must be because of how they are friendly close to the walls, being front ported. Amazing imaging and adequate bass.

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