Any readers here? Whatcha reading right now?

David Nutt: Summertime in the Emergency Room

My wife and I both enjoyed Station Eleven and the TV series. A gentler apocalyptic vision and understated writing. It seems you may be a Phillip Roth fan. A good but sobering read is Everyman, particularly for us of a certain age.


Among other things I’m perusing this.

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This is pretty good reading.


Yes, a gentler apocalyptic vision with a focus on preserving the arts, a sense of history, and humanity itself.

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a novel by Australian writer Jen Craig

I need to pick that one up, at the moment the stack awaiting a read is high, but I continue to enjoy delving into the world of deGrasse.

A light read with a Chicago orientation, fun all the same. For the curious Neil offers a daily blog as well.

Neil Steinberg’s Every Goddam Day