Any reviews on Inakustik Cat7 ethernet cable

I see some comments here on using Inakustic Cat7 used between EtherRegen and the switch.
My house is wired using Cat5, currently I’m using Belden Cat5e to connect all my audio devices to the switch. By upgrading to Inakustic Cat7 between ER and switch, did anyone notice SQ difference?

I replaced a Monolith enterprise CAT 7 cable between my switch and EtherRegen and there was a small uptick in my system. TBH, it was small and not as much improvement as say as adding a RAL HDMI between the Matrix and DSD or a WWPS 7 USB into the Matrix.


Thanks @nycenglish unfortunately i have RAL HDMI but have been waiting for months to get the new WWPS 8 USB and the WW website still shows “coming soon” :frowning:

Welcome to the waiting for RAL I2S Club.

Have you considered the Inakustik USB? I’m very tempted to give it a go as several have said it’s better than the WWPS 7.

I use the Inakustik CAT7 Referenz between my router and SGC streaming device and the router to the UltraRendu which feeds USB to my Matrix and RAL to the DS wit the Edcor transformers.

The Inakustik CAT 6 Excellenz. i liked better than Referenz CAT7 until I upgraded the LPS to HDPLEX 300

The Inakustik Ethernet cords sound better than the other brands I tried of CAT5, 6, 6A and 7 and 7A. The Inakustik CAT6 is good but gets too thick and bass heavy once you use better LPS and Edcor transformers. The most clear and live sound I found with Inakustik CAT 7. The CAT6 are now doing Apple and Fire TV duty. They take out a lot of Hash and calm the Switch Mode Suppli an give better picture for HT. The Inakustik CAT 7 is far and ahead when you het the other noise out of your audio streaming. Though I liked it less than their CAT6 on HT.

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