Inakustik - Reference LS-4004 AIR

Anyone try these speaker cables. The science behind them seems right. They are “transparent” so you see what they are doing. German made, not cheap, but not that expensive when compared to the Opus and other big boys.

Saw this video and it intrigued me.

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I tried them being sceptical about the contact resistance caused by the screw bolting (makes no sense to me).
But ok… it is definitely a very resolving cable, very flexible with an excellent build quality.
In the end we did not like the aesthetics.

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Are those the interconnects? did you keep those? It is an odd looking thing, but I like the thought behind the design…so simple thing to use air as dielectric

I have tried just the speaker cables.
No interconnects.

Inakustik is a highly respected company in germany with great service. Here is a “making of” video It’s german language but interesting to see how it is been manufactured.

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Unlike the previous poster I haven’t tried the speaker cable. But, based on another forum poster’s comments regarding the Inakustik Cat 6 and Cat 7 Ethernet cables I bought the former. I tend to play the what do I have cable of the week game. Since I put these Ethernet cables in I no longer have the desire.


Good stuff, I take it?

Amy particular observations you care to share…?

Curiously yours,


There is a natural quality to music and vocals that I find appealing. Please keep in mind that this is in comparison to other sub-$100 Ethernet cables I’ve tried. Detail is very good with little digital glare. The soundstage is well layered and wide.

I purchased the two cables (one for the DS DAC and the other for an Oppo 105D) through Amazon Germany and at least presently they are out of stock for them and also the Cat 7 cables from Inakustik.


I stream music with Inakustik Referenz CAT7s a Referenz USB. The CAT6 Excellenz stream video. They are all excellent performers just like Joe stated. Like Belden they make their own wire and cables i misplaced a CAT6 ethernet. I hope to uncover it again. If I can find it I will send it to you to try. .after my house remodel I only set up the daily driver systems. Even relatively short lengths the still work magic on the digital. signals either side of the switch you can hear them.


Would be interesting to try…currently using Wireworld Chroma and Starlight in my set up - Starlight is the last leg into the Bridge II via a Pink Faun LAN Isolator.

Thanks for the feedback.

I ended my search for proper Ethernet cables with Inakustik cables. But only because I tried so many different Ethernet cables before trying Inakustik and never once heard any sort of difference. My next Ethernet cable purchase will be an inexpensive cable. YMMV.


I agree with @aangen.

I tried all sorts of Ethernet cables and personally can’t hear the difference. But, if you can, there’s some beautifully made Ethernet cables available.

Luckily for me I settled on these cables when I am being lazy and don’t make them:
Monoprice Cat8 26AWG S/FTP Ethernet Network Cable - 5 Feet - Blue, 2GHz, 40Gbps, 3dB Headroom, Pure Bare Copper, PVC - Entegrade Series

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Just bought the Pink Faun LAN isolator too but I will add to system next weeks. I’m focusing on XLR cables and new P20 at the moment and I only play records and CDs.

Next digital step for liquid music (never heard before, I confess) will be:

MacMini > AQ Diamond USB > Intona USB isolator > Intona USB cable > Matrix > AQ Dragon HDMI > DS DAC

From wall RJ45 (router LAN connected) to MacMini what does the improvement of Pink Faun Isolator?

Which Ethernet cable do you prefer (if this really matter as Al’s doubts)? I was thinking about Inakustik Referenz or AQ Diamond

The Blue Jean Cables Ethernet Cables get the job done imo. Tried the Pangea Premium based on a forum member’s recommendation, no panacea there.

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If Al says a cable doesn’t matter this is a revelatory news! I immediately stop my search then.


I like Supra Cat8 ethernet. Surprisingly, I did hear a bit of difference among ethernet cables (all are reasonably priced because I didn’t believe they would make any difference). The Supra Cat8 goes into the SoTM Cat7 Isolator, and it came with a short piece of their Cat7 cable that is more expensive, I think.

The Supra Cat8 provides a clear and natural sound compared with some others I have tried.


That Monoprice Cat 8 cable (although 24 not 26 AWG) and a Pangea Premium Cat 7 are the two cables I used to rely on prior to the Inakustik Exzellenz Cat 6 I now use. I tried the Belden Cat 5e and 6a and I find them a bit harsh sounding.

This is all a matter of personal preference naturally.


I agree 100% about personal taste and hearing. I am the last person who will argue with you about hearing/not hearing. Especially after a freaking fuse made a difference on our Pre.

I should point out that my network backbone is fiber and the Rendu endpoint I use is fiber. I do however have an Ethernet cable from the Roon server to a core switch. But, that’s it for the digital path.

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Have not spent much time or money fussing with Ethernet cables… Have settled on the aforementioned Wireworld cables for now. Instead, my $$ has gone into devices intended to reduce and isolate noise in/from the network (e.g., TP-Link media converters and optical cable, Pink Faun LAN Isolator, Giga-Foil LAN isolator and iFi iPower power supplies to power same and to power my Ethernet switches).

Looking forward to hearing from you regarding your thoughts on the Pink Faun LAN Isolator.

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Thank you Scott. Never heard liquid music, this is a completely new world to me. Still listening 100% to music on vinyl and CDs but I’m patiently building a new digital rig to be ready for AirLens. I suppose to “use” it with the specific purpose of searching new music (zapping and surfing by Roon/Quobuz etc) and certainly (last famous words!) not to collect files. Time will tell.

Now I just need to understand, asking and finding answers to fill as much as possible the gaps of my large ignorance on this argument. Once more… very grateful for the contribution of all of you on this forum.

A step at a time, a step at a time.

As soon as I move my focus on this new world I will share my thoughts here.

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By the way, a translation tip for you…I think the word you are looking for is “streaming” not “liquid”.

In the vernacular, “streaming” generally refers to music being served over Ethernet or Wi-Fi from the internet and/or a closed network.

For what it is worth, generally speaking (not always, but most often) I tend to get the best overall sound quality in my “streaming system” from music files that I have stored on my network (on my iMac computer, actually). These are files I have ripped from CDs and Data Discs and downloaded from the internet. This music generally outperforms music sourced AND played directly from the internet from Tidal, Qobuz, etc.

Its all good though. And, like you mentioned, streaming from the internet is a great way to discover new music.

I try to buy physical copies of the new music I really enjoy as much as possible to ensure I really own it and to support the artist/owner of the music a bit more than I surmise revenue from internet streaming sources does.


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