Any UK PowerPlant owners help with these ground loop issues?

It won’t matter. You just want to have the RCA plugs connected. The outer rim of the rca plug is signal ground. By connecting a cable, you are linking the signal ground of both devices. You don’t have to play through this cable. You just want it connected. This could eliminate any differences in potential that are causing the noises. Worth a try. Surely won’t hurt any of the devices.

This looks good. Passive component, should not hurt. Don’t know about @Elk opinion. It should be nice to hear from him.

My Norway contact also mentioned trying a fiber optic hdmi cable between my 9000 player and processor for audio as no metal involved so that may break the ground loop issue, one ordered from Amazon to try.

Just received my Amazon fiber optic hdmi cable, removed all other hdmi cables from the processor and had cable plugged into 9000 audio output and Processor UHD input, switched on, ticking noise still present.
Was really hopeful the optical cable would have provided isolation but it hasn’t.
At a loss now as what else to try.
My ‘hum buster’ has been dispatched but I estimate it’ll take approx a week to arrive.

I tried removing my P20 from my system as the ticking sound appeared around the time of the P20 arrival. It wasn’t present with my P10.
I used a good 6 way extension block and plugged my pre-amp, 9000 blu-ray, Arcam processor and one monoblock amp into the extension and switched them all one.
The ticking sound remained,
I also tried adding an earth wire between the 9000 player and the processor, made no difference.
Pretty much running pout of options.
Upshot is I can have the equipment onm, with a hdmi cable plugged into the processor, no noise, but as soon as the other end of the hdmi cable is attached to either of my blu-ray players, the ticking nois starts.
If anyone has any further suggestions to try?

Try a different processor?

Did you receive the hum buster?

I don’t have any other processors.
I have raised a ticket for Arcam support.
I also tried a set top box as an input on the processor, instead of the Panny blu-ray players, ticking sound still there.
The hum buster will take about a week to arrive, not expecting it until next weekend.

Update on my ‘ticking’ sound.
I’ve isolated the ticking sounds to be caused by the 2 hdmi cables to my projector.
One comes directly to the projector from my Panny 9000 and the other from my Arcam processor for all other video sources.
When I remove the cables from the projector the ticking stops.
The fiber cable from the Panny 9000 seems to give a lower volume of ticking than the standard active hdmi cable, both are 15 metres long.
So some sort of interaction between the cables and the ring main circuit.
I’ve a good bit more info to supply to Arcam when they respond to my ticket for this issue.
Still waiting on the hum buster, (there’s a very slight hum irrespective of the ticking noise) so hoping to check out if this can be reduced, or solved, as well.

sherridd2, this may be of no help to you, but, I had a problem with a Panasonic Freeview recorder - every minute, when it checked it’s recording schedule it would need to burst into life and it imparted a noise through the earth (or maybe negative). I ended up putting the recorder on a different circuit to the rest of the system. If yours is every second it could be something polling something.

It’s a constant ticking, or pulse sound, quite rapid and is there constant when my Arcam processor is switched on. My Chord pre-amp is in av bypass mode with processor on.
System is totally silent for music.

Hum Buster XLR - Update.
I received this today but for my purpose the sockets appear to be the ‘wrong way round’.
It was to go between my pre-amp and processor.
Output from the pre-amp into the hum buster and output from the Hum buster into the Processor.
The output from the pre-amp will only go into the OUT of the hum buster.
I’ve an email off to the retailer to confirm it won’t work for what my intended use was.

Isn’t it the other way around? Aren’t you connecting your processor to the AV bypass input of your preamp?

Is the projector grounded?

Yes, you’re right, the Processor is driving the system and OUTPUTS to the Chord pre-amp.
Looks like I got that round the wrong way.
I’m so used to the pre-amp driving the speakers etc, I’ll recheck the hum buster box wiring now, it may be ok.
Thanks for that.

Yes, the projector is earthed, three pin plug, so grounded.

Ebtech hum buster xlr WORKS.
It’s cleared both my ticking noise and low hum - happy days.
I can now enjoy my P20 driving both my music and home cinema systems with totally silent backgrounds.
Another plus the P20 has over the P10 below.
I have a big Rel Studio 3 sub that would trip the P10 upon switch on.
(Can’t remember whether I tried that on the high current zones, a long time ago.)
The P20 handles the Rel without any issues.

Thanks again jvvita for pointing out the Processor is higher in the signal chain.

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