My Power Plant Premier sometimes clicks?

It seems to be working fine but every hour or so it will give 5-10 “clicks” (sounds like a relay opening & closing). Any suggestions?? Thanks.

Welcome! What does it say for the output THD? Only clicking like this every hour is a little weird and I want to make sure it’s not going into bypass mode.

Output THD reads .8 (input THD is 4.5)

That’s great, so it’s definitely not going into bypass then. Other than relay clicking, anything behavioral happen?

Is the incoming voltage significantly high or low?

Nope everything else seems just fine.

OK, that’s good. I don’t want to speculate too much, but it could be something as simple as the buck/boost circuitry flipping its relay.

So is there anything that can be done to correct the problem or does the unit need to be replaced?
Thanks for your help.

It’s entirely up to you. From the info you’ve provided, it seems to still be working properly. The relay clicking could be a normal function of the unit.

How long have you had the PPP?

Not sure. It is one of 2. At least 3+ years.

It’s worth a decent amount in trade. If you’re looking to upgrade, you could trade it in against a new one.

I was hoping PS Audio could service it. Is that possible??

It’s still possible but is becoming more and more difficult and expensive. Give our service guys a buzz and they will be able to provide you with some options.

Thanks, I’ll give them a call.

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Wild thought but since it works fine, are you sure it’s not thermal expansion? Have you moved it?

As I recall, the PPP clicks in and out if the incoming voltage exceeds or is less than certain voltages. When it clicks, what is the incoming line voltage?

That’s what I was thinking too. The pattern nature of it could possibly be caused by something like the AC or fridge kicking on, causing a voltage sag.

I had alsof this problem.
Switch of cleanwave,and problem is solved.


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Thank you. I will try it today