PS Audio Stellar P3 Power Plant Clicking Sound Problem

Hey Guys, I bought the Stellar P3 power plant 6 months ago and were pretty content with the performance. Recently, about for a week continuously, every evening about after 10 pm, the power plant will begin a kind of “clicking sound” noise, quite strong to break the listening. It will last till the next day morning, and back to its normal quite silent state. My set up and connecting componente are the same as when it worked normally, I wonder if any one has occurred this problem or what it’s possible cause. Thanks in advance for the support.


Your description suggests the incoming power is the immediate cause. What is the incoming voltage when this occurs?

This makes me think something funky is happening to the incoming power. Is there any pattern or consistency to the clicks?

Thanks! Yes I think the same. After that I tried also in my home’s other receptacles with only the P3 power plant connected, results the same. The only thing I haven’t tried yet is take it to my neighbor’s place to check. Anyway these day I checked the voltage in different times, here’s a little summary:

7 am - 18 pm: total silent @221v
18 pm - around 10/10.30 pm: slightly hums but no problem for listening: 229-231v
10.30 pm - 7 am: severe unbearable hums @233-235v

So can I draw the conclusion that its line supply problem? And what’s the normal line voltage P3 is designed working with without problem? Or is any components’ problem which become too sensitive to the voltage changing?
Thank you guys!

Thank you too, I wanna @ both of you but don’t know how to do as a new comer:)

Another additional note maybe useful, during the hums time, if I just connect the amp and source directly to the receptacles without p3, the music comes without hums, no doubt not the same quality as with the p3.

The Spec says 200 –270 VAC

So at various times in the day, you get hum through the system? Along with clicking in the P3?

Hums only during 10.30 pm till 7 am next day. Almost all domestic electricities are off.

It works, the sound quality remain the same but with unbearable hums.

I take a short video, how can I send it to u?

Send it to my email Thanks!