Anybody using Audirvana Studio for Win witth DSD MK2? - some issues

Hi, with a very over-spec’ed machine and via USB, I get some stuttering with DSD 128 and even 64 from Audirvana, despite toggling the WASAPI buffer size and DOP 1.0-1.1. For informational porpoises I went back to JRiver, the Devil I Know, and it works GREAT on JRiver. (31.) So - not a driver problem, not the server running out of steam (I knew it wasn’t that.) The thing I do like about Audirvana is the Tidal/internet radio integration… can keep both and just use Audirvana for that stuff, but thought I would see if anyone can shed any light. I am on the latest firmware in the DAC.

Update: removed the Uptone USB Regen from the signal path and it seems to be fine now… the Uptone didn’t seem to be causing any issues when I ran JRiver, but there ya go.

I also had some stuttering with the USB Regen while running 32/768 from HQPlayer, never knew why and just took it out, it wasn’t improving anything anyways.

Interesting. I did try toggling the little dipswitch in back of the regen and it seemed to make it a little less severe, but still not OK. So yeah, I took it out too. Will pop it into one of my other systems I guess.