Audrivana+, Bridge II, and MQA

Hi all,

I just got a new directstream junior DAC and it sounds fantastic! I have been able to play MQA files with both unfolds and full sampling rate using Mconnect and Roon but it doesn’t work with Audrivana+ as others have also found. I can get Audrivana+ to recognize the bridge II on ethernet, but I can’t get the full sampling rate, so likely the second unfold is not happening. Has anyone gotten this to work? I’d like the option to use Audrivana+, since I already own it. If it doesn’t work, is it something PSaudio has to address or Audrivana?


A+ does not work properly with the Bridge II. MQA or otherwise, the timer slider does not advance and the tracks don’t advance. That was my experience. The sampling rates may or may not appear correctly on my Directstream DAC as well as I recall.

Perhaps someone from PS Audio can chime in, but I am speculating that the necessary communication between PS Audio and Audirvana will never happen since PS Audio is pursuing Octave.

Auralic is also not pursuing UPnP partnering with Audirvana as well and it is my understanding that they will drop UPnP entirely.

Audirvana is an excellent music player, but right now it’s UPnP functionality as a network player is very limited. Onkyo/Pioneer, Sonore, Bricasti are the fully guaranteed “partners”, although someone in CA said that it works with KEF LS50w.

I was waiting for the Windows version of Audirvana to come out to see how it compared to Roon through the DS Bridge.
Looks like it won’t be happening now - disappointing.

I spent a lot of time trying to get A+ v3 to work properly with the Bridge II. No luck.