Anyone actually use (hardware) EQs? Who uses eq boxes, and what do you use please?

Yes, I agree, I thought that I read somewhere that balanced was in the making.


I meant to add re. the Behringer - I actually came across the DEQ2496 when looking for a spectrum analyser.
RTAs were an invaluable tool when I worked in electronics / radio, and again when I worked in recording studios.
It has proven just as useful for my DIY HiFi-ing, not as an accurate piece of test equipment (it’s not) but because it’s very useful for seeing trends, just sat there on at all times.

The behringer was the only HiFi aimed RTA I could find at any price (excluding actual Audio Analysers which aren’t really suited to sitting on a HiFi 24/7 as well as being silly money).

Just a shame they build 'em so cheaply.

The DCX again the next nearest piece of equipment with the same feature set is the DBX venue 360, at 4 times the price (and I expect just the same standard algorithms, though I may be wrong).
The DCX has eq as well (fully parametric), but it doesn’t sound as good for eq as the DEQ.

It’s all good fun :slight_smile:

MiniDSP SHD Studio is under $1000. The Dirac software it uses lets you fine tune your EQ curve and save 4 curves, for switching by remote. As well as measure and address room modes. Is all digital so not for turntables.

The DEQ2496 is a delightfully fun piece of hardware. I bought one years ago to play with. It was a hoot.

Yeah I have looked at the MiniDSP stuff a few times, looks good, and my turntable goes via ADC into the digital chain (not that I use it much) so would work for me.

No display, but as I said above, if I went that route I’d keep the Behringer box anyway (not in the signal path) just for the real time analyser :slight_smile:

It is great fun, especially if you’re not using the analogue I/O and bear in mind the limitations :slight_smile:

Precisely. And, as you note, one can enjoy the RTA without putting it into the signal path.

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Maybe I would like to buy one of your Loki if you are interested… But I’m not a PS audio member since very long… Let me know :slight_smile:

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I sent you a PM let me know if you got it I think it may have gotten lost LOL

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I have a dBx Venue 360 LMS (loudspeaker management system) controlling my biamped Sanders Sound ELS Model 10. This is not a terribly expensive DSP-based component (~$800), but it provides so many functions with a good user interface and very low distortion. It provides EQ, crossover and semi-automated room correction with a $100 mic. Works great and has been instrumental in making those fine tweaks when a recording is too tipped up, too bass heavy, etc.


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I was looking at that device with some interest. I was waiting to see if anyone had experience with it. Seems like a bargain for what it does and who made it.

And the dBx passes muster with Roger Sanders. I have huge respect for his engineering skills and no nonsense approach to designing and building audio gear. His electrostats are unlike some others in that they play very loud and are virtually indestructible.

Very happy with Sanders and PS Audio system. Best of both worlds for me.

The DBX dcx is my likely upgrade path from the behringer dc2496 I have at the moment - but still (I think) “stuck” with using the built-in DACs: the biggest limitation with these devices (though I’m happy with mine anyway, it sounds pretty good!).

Xilica DCP-3060 pro-audio “loudspeaker controller”- much like the DBX and Behringer units discussed but higher quality build. In our system it is used exclusively to EQ the front and rear Seaton Submersive subwoofer pairs and add delay to the nearer rear pair.

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Out of desperation before Windom and my new Quiver of Power Cords I bought a Behringer EQ FBQ6200HD. It is like a loudness button. It definitely adds noise but i turn it on with some dismal recordings. It was not very much and kept me off the cliff. I was using it with my TT until tonight when i set up my new Stellar PPamp…very nice… brought my analog back up closer to Windom

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I just bought a MiniDSP Balanced 2x4 for my Series 2 901’s. Did my own curves based on the output of one one of my rebuilt by me Series 2 EQ Boxes. Add the analog output filter pairs,
Vishay/Dale (1Kohm/Sonicraft 5uF/22kohm and the output of the box.

Sounds great but I need to buy/build an I2C to HDMI to elevate the system even further.