Anyone added a Furutech Flux 50 BEFORE their Power Plant?

Been reading recently about the Furutech Flux 50 ‘conditioner’ and was able to pick one up at the reasonable price to try it. Expecting it sometime next week.
I run a combined music and home cinema system with a P20 powering everything.
It would seem the best bang for buck would be to place the Flux 50 before my P20, that way it would ‘influence’ both the music and home cinema aspects.
Obviously putting it anywhere else will only affect the component it’s being used with.
I’m pretty sure that PS Audio recommends that nothing goes in front of a Power Plant but I know from searching this forum that audiophilehi has put a Flux 50 before a Power Plant Premiere and subsequently a P15 and he has been very impressed by what it does.
We’ve all noticed the performance of a power plant can be improved by upgrading the power cord for it so this tweak should fall into that category?
Interested to see if any other members have tried one before their power plant?

Cute but pricey little guy.

It will be fun to learn what you think of it, especially before your P20.

I am always suspicious of filters and their impact on impedance, etc. but it is better to try then to assume there will be a downside. :slight_smile:

Well, my Furutech Flux 50 NCF arrived yesterday and I got to listen to it for a couple of hours late last night. First off, it’s tough to work with, very thick and inflexible cable between the two ends.
Additionally the two receptacles at both ends are 180 degrees so you have to end up twisting one of yours cables upside down to get it to fit.
To clarify for those that don’t know what the ends are, the input end is a IEC power inlet so accepts the power cord going into it and the other end is a Furutech FI-50 NCF connector which goes into the back of your equipment.
Also, Furutech NCF kit is generally seen as requiring 300 - 500 hours for burn in so a long way to go.
With this before my P20, which is left on all the time, I estimate around 20 -23 days for the full burn in.

After installing the Flux 50 before my P20 and switching it on and listening to some music it sounded like my system was on steroids, it seemed to sound a quite a bit louder.
It takes my system about one CD to warm up and after this I found the sound to be very engaging.
Vocals sounded more natural, especially female voices.
Bass was tighter.
The music seemed to flow better.
There was more delineation between vocals and instruments.
Initially, I’m pleased with the results but more time needs to be spent with it to get used to the results.
More to come …

One issue I did find was on the home cinema side, (after listening to music).
I did find that the inclusion of the Flux 50 caused one of my two Rel subs, the older one, to hum.
The hum was linked to the low level input and changed in volume as the low level volume was reduced.
This was late last night so I’ve had no time to investigate further.

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Futher testing put on hold due to the following.

My bespoke power cord has a Furutech FI-50 NCF on the end of it but the mains plug was just a plain Rhodium plug so I’ve just purchased a NCF version and put it on my power cord.
Would seem to make sense to have NCF units at both ends of the power cord.
The Standard Rhodium plug has been moved on to another power cord.
As above, Rhodium NCF stuff takes around 300 - 500 hours of break in so I guess the new mains plug will break in along side the Flux unit.

I’ve also recently added another Furutech FI-50 NCF iec connector to the Kimber Palladian power cord for my Dac so a lot of changes recently and with not a huge amount of burn in for some of the components.
But listening late last night the sound has taken on a naturalness that wasn’t there before.
Vocals especially are sounding very real and vocals and instruments have the correct size in the soundstage.
A lot of detail too giving more of the ebb and flow of the music.
I’m hearing underlying parts of the music which weren’t obvious previously, rhythm parts I’d never heard before.
Music is just very easy too listen too now, inviting you in for longer sessions, no sibilance or listening fatigue.
Just a pleasure to listen to.
I’ll continue to add in the Furutech iec connectors to other parts of the stereo as and when I come across used pieces as new they are very expensive but I do find they make a noticeable difference.
With still more burn in to come the sound can only improve.
It looks like the Flux 50 will be staying in the system and is a keeper.


I’ve been using my PP P3 with Isotek Aquarius power conditioner for a few years. When I installed this unit into my system (placing it between wall outlet and P3, which is connected to one of the two high-current outlets of Isotek filter), it made a big difference. Aquarius significantly decreased background noise, improved dynamics, resolution, timbre etc.
So no wonder Flux 50 improves SQ of your system. It is essentially a power conditioner, though not as effective as full-sized models.

I would recommend to provide mains filtration not only for audio components, but also for network as well. I connected my Wi-Fi router and NAS to spare Aquarius sockets and it improved the SQ of my system further, making background noise even less pronounced.