Plugging one power conditioner into another?

An audio bud does this. Makes no sense to me. Any insights?

It’s been posted elsewhere. Paul doesn’t recommend this.

Have no idea why anyone would do this. Does anyone know what the underlying concept(s) would be? How can I search Paul’s videos/posts?

I have a dedicated 20 amp line feeding my PS Audio 20 amp UO… which in turn feeds my Shunyata Hydra Eight. With the UO ahead of the Hydra… the noise floor drops further than without it in use. Each system is independent of another. Try it…you may like it.

I’ve heard of people who plug their Powerbase into their Regenerator and then the component into the Powerbase for an improvement in sound.

I have a Dectet and an old P300, which I plug in to the Dectet.
I only have one outlet in that area, the other socket has a power strip feeding an old desktop PC, my telephone modem, and a lamp.
The P300 only has 4 inputs, so it feeds my preamp, PWT, DAC, and tuner.
It is quite possible that the desktop is adding noise to the circuit, but it is only on when I use it, and then the TV or background music is all I am listening to.

In my current setup, I have two PS Audio Power Ports wired up in the wall, with a Blue Circle Audio PLC “Puck” plugged into each one of those. My two JL subs are plugged into each of them, and my APC H15 power conditioner is plugged into one of them. The entire system EXCEPT for the subs are plugged into the H15.

I noticed a pretty significant improvement when I installed those PLC Pucks a few years back, and they are non-current limiting.