Anyone Else Not Getting 3.6.2 Firmware on Bridge II?


I got an email from PSAudio a week ago or so saying that 3.6.2 was out by my DS continues to say that I have the latest version, which is 3.5.1.

Any idea what’s going on? Has anyone been able to download 3.6.2? I am running Red Cloud and everything else is working fine as far as I can tell.



Have you not been following the forum discussing this topic?

3.6.2 is broken for DS Snr, which is why PS Audio pulled it, which is why you can’t download it. Just soldier on with what you have until they fix it.


That’s my fault and with apologies let me explain. We had a bug in 3.6.2 that stopped the Bridge II from downloading album art and so I pulled the version until we can fix the bug. Sorry about that.


Yup - I should’ve read the earlier threads - thanks to both of you guys for the quick response.



In your defense, it is a very long thread.

I changed the heading of the main thread so readers know the update is suspended for a bit.