Bridge II 3.6.86 gapless question

I just did Bridge II 3.6.86 update smoothly via the weekend, it seems the update really fixes the pop/click sound problem, that’s fantastic.

I use jRiver to stream mainly DSD or SACD ISO, for me 3.6.86 has the same issue with previous 3.6.17 for gapless play. Especially for non classical file, right before the ending of each track, there is a second or less break. So the music stops then starts to play the last little bit, then gap from the next track.

Its exactly the reason I skipped 3.6.17 and went back to 3.5.1, although I have to tolerate the occasional pop/click sound and track skipping.

Not sure if anyone else have the same issue?

I have the issue, was part of the beta group, mentioned it, PSA support said it’s addressed, finally the bug wasn’t removed.

Only old outdated Bridge firmware doesn’t have it. Not nice!

If the bug could be removed, since old outdated Bridge firmware doesn’t have the same issue, we would expect Paul would work on Bridge II 3.6.86 V2 soon?

Better reception using Tidal MQA files. No interruptions!

Yes, I just experienced this problem yesterday. Figured there were two possibilities: JRiver or the Bridge. Given past Bridge updates, it will be months before this gets resolved. For me it’s not huge (I have a small collection of DSF files), annoying non-the-less.

Here’s where some critics of PSA had a point!

Not sure if it’s JRiver problem. With older Bridge version probably 3.5.1 there is no such issue, hence I bet it’s Bridge bug.

Yes, I’ll bet you’re correct. I’ll try rolling back the bridge to a previous version. I have several saved.

My experience of 3.5.1 streaming JRiver, it involves quite alot pops and skipping tracks esp with SACD ISO still unfortunately :face_with_head_bandage:

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