PWD II - Firmware: updated but now the bridge I is missing


I recently bought a used Perfect Wave II dac with a Bridge I.

The first thing I usually do is updating the firmware to the latest version. I have heard and read a lot about the great service PS Audio provides in maintaining and developing the firmware of there products and was looking forward to loading the latest version the see what progress was made since the product was released. I updated from version 2.02 to 3.04 but now the bridge I is missing in the menu.

I have tried using the rescue flashdrive but that does not seem to work.

Can someone offer some assistance? What am I doing wrong?

Cheers Alwin (from Amsterdam in the Netherlands)

Maybe, this thread is the solution?!

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Thank you! So 2.4.6 is the last version for the bridge I, I gather. I’ll load that. It’s a shame the Dutch euro prices are crazy otherwise a bridge II or even an upgrade to the DirectStream would be options.

Cheers, thanks again.

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Up-and-running… thanks

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Welcome @alwin !

Great to see the problem resolved.

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Glad to hear it was a quick fix!

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Thanks Elk…

Thank you, James. At last I have joint ‘the family’… :slight_smile: I am really enjoying the the beautiful sound of the PWD! Makes me curious of Direct wave… or the dac thats arriving soon. If I have heard right…

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Please hang around, we are happy to have you here. :slight_smile:

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