Anyone have photos of the inside of the BHK 250?

Just curious of the layout of internal parts. I use a Shakti stone on the amp, and it seems to make a difference where it sits. Would be interesting to know what part benefits the most from RFI protection.

Took only a couple of minutes of keyboard time to find an open top pic:


Great picture clearly showing the beautiful layout of this amp.


Gary, BHK power amps have two transformers. A smaller transformer for the input board/tubes is hidden underneath the input board. Attached a photo of one of my BHK 300’s (all BHK’s are now sold), this was taken when I was replacing an input board. One of many.!


Thanks, that’s helpful. Didn’t see the smaller transformer for the tubes in the above pic.
That’s also the location I found where the Shakti stone sounds the best.

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