Anyone in Italy? Need to contact a seller on Subito

I’ve just sent a message to the seller.

Please PM me your email to let them discuss directly.

How can I pm you? Sorry, I’m new to this website.

Click on his Avatar then click message.

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We had PM conversation, thanks.


Ciao, Luca. I’d be grateful if you would contact me re Subito. Grazie molto.

Just sent you a PM.

have the same problem unfortunately … grateful for every help!

Here I am again.

Please PM me the link of the product and your email address to provide it to the seller.

Where are you based? Some sellers don’t ship internationally unfortunately.

thank you so much for helping me out appreciate it so much!!!
The link: Gommone VSR 5.8 C - Nautica In vendita a Verona
My email:
The product is a Rib boat so I anyways need to pick it up in case I buy it so should be no problem:)

I’ve just sent to Luca (great name indeed!) a message with your email. Let me know…

Hi Luca,
sorry to bother you again. Did you get any answer on your message cause till now I didn’t get any mail by the seller.

@luca.pelliccioli need help, can you dm me? Thanks

Here I am again!