Anyone in Italy? Need to contact a seller on Subito


There is a seller in Italy that has some drivers for my speakers which I am interested in acquiring. He is on Subito which is limited to Italy and I cannot find a way to contact the seller.

Help would be most appreciated. Please PM me. Thanks!

If you have a vpn capability from your antivirus software, you could have the software say you’re in Italy and give you an ip address from Italy

Thanks for the feedback Paul. Their system requires a local phone number (country code +39). It wont allow an input of any other country codes :frowning:

additional info: Skype does not have Italy as an option for a local number


Hi, here I am! I’ll PM you as soon as I receive the vendor’s feedback, I’ve already contacted.


THANKS @luca.pelliccioli !!!

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Package received safely and as described! Many thanks @luca.pelliccioli @adifferentpaul

This is a great group of enthusiasts. I am thankful to all of you who helped!


Glad to hear from you, enjoy!


i there anyone else in Italy, please, can help in another case? I have the same problem that I can’t contact a seller on Subito I’d like to buy an amplifier from. Please PM me if any help possible. Many thanks.

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Happy to help you Stevie, PM if you need.

Ouch, I had just canceled my Subito subscription, thinking I would never need it again. How strange is life sometimes!

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Thank you so much for contacting me. This is a link to the seller i would like to contact for the item[s] listed:

Thank you for any help.