Anyone interested in a pair of M700s? [Sold]

Relocating overseas. I would like to find a good home for these amps — mint condition. Any reasonable offer considered.

M700s considered junk? Can’t seem to even give these away.

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Take the first step and propose some terms of sale. “Make me an offer” is/can be off putting and not conducive to a speedy negotiation and sale.




The M700’s seem to be under-rated amps. They offer decent sound with solid imaging at a great price.
Hopefully you will have good luck in selling them. And wish you luck in relocating overseas.
Information on age and color, and maybe some photos, might help.

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Right now people can buy a brand new BHK 250 for only $751.00 more… Could be a reason they are not moving now!

I ended up selling the M700s as part of a package deal with a pair of KEF LS50s. Lot of interest in the LS50s; I twisted an arm!