Perfectwave sale going on now

Just got the email. Perfectwave Sale

It seems they come up every time I am getting ready to sell something. Just last night I was prepping my brain to sell my BHK 250.

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Been waiting for this for a while, finally snatched a BHK 250 to replace my less than 2-year-old M700s.


@wudai_e - I wish I had known you were after one, I would have sold you mine for less then the sale. But, I am glad you ended up getting what you wanted.


@vkennedy61 Suppose I would’ve put up a wanted ad… but given the market of the past year I was reluctant to do so. Seems things are calming down a bit. I got the shipping notice the same day of the order. Out of curiosity why the sale? Simply looking for something better?

Yes, looking for something different. I have been looking at two amps. An Audio Research GS150 and a Pass Labs X250. Both are great and very different from one another.

Of course since I have been looking, suddenly both have become available to me at great prices. I have to decide today. I am leaning towards the GS150.


Haha, sometime I could almost swear we do live in a simulation. Choices choices, good thing we still have plenty.


What are you thinking on the 250?

I was thinking $3500. It’s silver. I conservatively rate it as an 8/10.

If you want to discuss, PM me.



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