Perfectwave sale going on now

Just got the email. Perfectwave Sale

It seems they come up every time I am getting ready to sell something. Just last night I was prepping my brain to sell my BHK 250.


Been waiting for this for a while, finally snatched a BHK 250 to replace my less than 2-year-old M700s.


@wudai_e - I wish I had known you were after one, I would have sold you mine for less then the sale. But, I am glad you ended up getting what you wanted.


@vkennedy61 Suppose I would’ve put up a wanted ad… but given the market of the past year I was reluctant to do so. Seems things are calming down a bit. I got the shipping notice the same day of the order. Out of curiosity why the sale? Simply looking for something better?

Yes, looking for something different. I have been looking at two amps. An Audio Research GS150 and a Pass Labs X250. Both are great and very different from one another.

Of course since I have been looking, suddenly both have become available to me at great prices. I have to decide today. I am leaning towards the GS150.


Haha, sometime I could almost swear we do live in a simulation. Choices choices, good thing we still have plenty.


What are you thinking on the 250?

I was thinking $3500. It’s silver. I conservatively rate it as an 8/10.

If you want to discuss, PM me.



I was speaking with an audio dealer today who won’t take PSA in as trade any longer. The sales have made pricing stability too unpredictable. It’s making me think twice now going forward with my purchases.

With exception of the DS because of the fantastic upgrades, the rest of the gear seems to lose value too fast.


Sounds like it’s Gryphon Diablo time for you!

I was wondering if the BHK 600s replace the BHK 300s mono, has been already announced a stereo unit upgrade of the BHK 250?
I’ve no intention to upgrade from mono (M1200s) to stereo amplification but if ever happ… no no keep calm, stop thinking about new steps almost until AirLens and DS DAC MK II. And also a PerfectWave Phono Pre that Darren is designing since almost 3 years and I’ve ever heard news about for long long time.
Still hope in future plan to create also new Class D monos, why not in a PerfectWave chassis.

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@luca.pelliccioli Pretty sure I read in another thread here there isn’t a planned stereo unit near-equivalent.

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The Diablo doesn’t have any Class A. If I am going to switch, I am going to get a A/B.

I came super close to getting an Audio Research GS150. But I took a hard look at the cost of the KT150’s and at $184 x 8 = $1472/year. That’s a hard pass for me.

The Pass Labs X250.8 was on top of my list, but they strongly recommend not putting it in a cabinet, even with fan exhaust. It must get hot!

Keep your M1200! that is the best deal in terms of performance/$$ ratio. If I were 10 years younger, I would consider Class A. Now I do not want any electronics over 100 lbs. :weight_lifting_man: :crazy_face:


@paul172 - Today I decided to sell my M1200 that I’ve been using as my Center. After listening to it over the last two months, I’ve decided it’s not really doing much more sonically then the output of the Anthem MRX 1120 Center output.

I think the P20 maybe be a big part of that.

? Not sure if I follow you here. Do you mean you want Class A amplification?

I want Class A/B.