Has anyone had experience with the GamuT M250 mono amps?

There is a pair for sale locally at a price I’m finding hard to pass up. The pair are for sale for less than the cost of one new. The man selling them has switched to McIntosh mono’s. I’m more or less a “beer budget” audiophile, as I’m retired, so I never thought I would own such high end amps. Worst case scenario I sure could sell them at a profit. That’s also my selling point to my wife so I dont end up in the dog house.
They are in like new condition with original boxes and are about 5 years old. The will power my Goldenear Triton 2+.
Any though or input will be greatly appreciated.

I’ve heard them at shows and they’re exceptional amps, with a very musical and relaxed presentation. From what I’ve seen regarding their used value they don’t seem to hold their value well (probably since they’re not very widely distributed with limited exposure) so it may not be wise to buy them with the assumption that you’d be able to resell them at a profit. Also being 5 years old doesn’t help their value in the obsessive audiophile market. Sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear about their value but I’m just trying to be honest and realistic. Good luck!

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No need to be sorry … honest feedback is what I’m looking for. Thanks

My advice is never buy audio gear thinking you can sell it at a profit. If you like the amps jump on them and just enjoy them.


Agreed! If you’re lucky, you will never want to sell them and unless you try them, you’ll never know. If you can break even, that’s a win in my opinion. I generally accept a 25% loss on used equipment I buy and later have to resell. But this standard is relevant only to my personal tolerance and budgetary restrictions. Then again, I have been know to give stuff away to friends and family that I am certain will appreciate older gear I no longer use - so 100% loss from a financial perspective.

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