MoFi + Chicken Little Collab

I am the only frustrated by MoFi and by proxy Music Directs constant, “coming soon” & “preorder” titles that never seem to be available for months and months an in some cases over a year? It’s gotten to the point where I’ve given up waiting. Anyone else notice this lately? Is financing new projects so difficult that they have to string this concept on forever?

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I just look elsewhere, life is too short.


MoFi via MD isn’t the only label playing the ‘coming soon’ game. I remember how excited I was by Premonitions audiophile reissue of Pat Barber’s Companion album. Huge fan of Pat and Companion is reference quality. Elusive Disc advertised this reissue for ‘preorder’ with an anticipated release date that repeatedly slipped for upwards of a year and a half. I kid you not. I won’t sucker for the ‘preorder’ schtick. I’m not into giving MD or Elusive Disc or any of our other favorite outlets an interest free loan.


I’m talking about the new releases many of which were never pressed in DSD / SACD before.

Repeat, I just look elsewhere, life is too short. Pick an alternative format. MoFi isn’t worth our attention.

You’re not alone @Dr_Jekyll . I try not to get excited anymore when an SACD title I want is announced because it could be years before it becomes available. On the opposite end, they also release titles that they didn’t previously announce. They just suddenly become available on MD. At this point I’m mainly interested in the Joni Mitchell and Van Halen SACD’s. I have 192/24 downloads of those albums, so I’m in no big hurry. Oh, I almost forgot the Miles Davis Seven Steps To Heaven that was recently announced.

AP has similar issues. The perpetually delayed rollout of the Steely Dan SACD’s has been pretty bad IMHO.The worst part is the SACD for Can’t Buy A Thrill has an incorrect song title on the disc and the booklet for Countdown To Ecstasy is stapled out of order. This is after delays and missed release dates.

I also hate that when Music Direct and Acoustic Sounds have music sales, all MFSL and AP titles are excluded from the sales.

I realize these are first world problems, but they are frustrating nonetheless.

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