MoFi 7 Steps vs HDTT?

(Repost due to mistake earlier)

Hi has anyone compared the recent MoFi Miles’s Seven Steps To Heaven reissue (in either vinyl or SACD) with the HDTT DSD master? Thanks

I didn’t but guess the Analogue Productions version you didn’t mention is the best as usual.


The new MoFi was just shipped out so. . . perhaps in a few days there may be an answer.

I’ll be hearing the MoFi when it hits the mailbox, but the only HDTT version I have is a redbook CDR. I imagine that the MoFi and Analogue Production will be apples and oranges myself–that comparison I can make.

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I had ordered MoFi, but while waiting I downloaded HDTT 256 and once MoFi showed up I never opened.