Power regenerator with step up or down voltage feature

I want a power regenerator can work on 110v input and with output of 230v. Is it possible to order one of these.

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Unfortunately, this amount of voltage boost is beyond what the Power Plants are designed to provide, but perhaps PS Audio or someone else will have a suggestion for you.

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I would think for the same rated power delivery any power regenerator rated for X watts of power delivery at 110v is going to be pretty severely current limited to about half of what it is rated to deliver at 110v when operating at 230v anyway. The basic physics of VxI. Just sayin’. Best of luck finding a suitable solution. If you do let us know.

Excellent point.

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But wouldn’t the 230 volt load only consume about half the current as a similar piece of equipment designed for 120 volts?

With that amount of a voltage jump, you’ll really need a step up transformer. Our regenerators are only able to vary the voltage by +/-15V. Also, frequency may be a problem as well because the regenerators can only output the frequency that they are receiving.

You can get cheap chinese ones on amazon, I have a machine that uses 230v and I the mcmaster one for it. You just need a 1:2 transformer, it will just double whatever you input into it. I also have an AVR on the 230 side that helps keep it stable as my garage power can suck sometimes.

Just get one of these from Amazon for about $100 depending on the wattage you need. I used a 850 watts one for my 230v preamp with excellent results.

this surprises me, i recall reading in a paul’s post that the regenerators take the mains, rectify and smooth, then that powers a power amplifier that is fed from a pure sine wave sample. so it should be able to generate any frequency dependent only in what the stable low level frequency source is.
if not, then i just invented a new type of regenerator (and imagined the paul’s post :slight_smile:

I think the older regens (like the P300) had selectable output frequency, but the modern regens are only able to output what they receive. Looks like we have some new competition :smile:

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That’s right. The P300 did have variable frequency output, including a setting that would make an AC-synchronous turntable set for 33 rpm play at 45 rpm.

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KCC Scientific based here in Colorado. I saw them at RMAF last year.

That’s what I was under the impression PS Audio regenrators could do, though it seems not.