Anyone try the Boaacoustic Blueberry or Blackberry AC Power cables?

I found these on Amazon for a. very reasonable price. The company is from Germany but this line of cable is made in China, which makes me wonder if they’re any good? But the price is good, at $150-250 for an AC power cable of about 1 meter.

Would you trust a Chinese made cable, even if the company behind it is German?

Many superb high end audio products are made in China. As with all countries, some production is poor quality; other production superb.

Given the ease of returning things purchased on Amazon, try them.

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At that price you should also try the BAV power cords from I prefer them to the the PS Audio AC12’s that had previously been feeding my DS Sr, BHK Pre and BHK250. In each case they improved the focus. (Others have preferred the PSA cables in their systems so results may vary, obviously.) They also have a great return policy and Bob Howard was a real pleasure to work with.

Thanks but I already committed to these via Amazon and before I return them I’d like to get feedback from anyone who might have used them first.

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