Budget Power Cables

Hey guys, new PS Audio gear owner here. Recently received my GCD and S300. Wondering if you guys can recommend budget power cables for me. There’s no way my wife is going to let me spend real money right now.

After purchasing the Stellar stack, Bluesound Node 2i, a Sony X800 universal player as transport, HDMI de-embedder and a bunch of Audioquest cables, she says I’m done for a while lol.

Are there any relatively cheap power cables, say under 200 bucks for both, that would set me up for a while?



You could take a look at Pangea at AudioAdvisor.


Thank you good sir! Think it would be worth it, or should I just wait till I can spend a little more?

I use these. They are well made. I replaced the stock PS Audio cables (which are also very well made computer type cables). I’m sure you will get lots of recommendations. I didn’t want get too deep in the power cable waters and these seemed like a good place to start.

Pangea products exhibit an excellent bang/buck ratio.

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Thanks guys

So if i go the Pangaea route, would I do AC14 for the pre, and AC9 for the amp?

What length are you looking for?

I could do 1 meter if I had to, but wondering if I should do 2 for future proofing

Well if you’re looking at these as a stopgap measure it probably doesn’t matter if they are future proof?
:^ )

Good point lol. Are you selling some?

No, not selling. If I were on a budget though I would maybe start with the Pangea AC 14SE MKII Signature Power Cable at $49.99 for 1 meter for the DAC.

Thanks man. AC9 for the amp right? Or would the AC14 do?

Perfect timing. Here you go. Your lucky day.

IMO Wireworld Stratus 7 sound better than Pangea. Similar cost

Well I think you want something along the lines of the AC9 as far as gauge, although based on my research and the opinions of those I choose to listen to (since I’m not an expert), you can have too much shielding on a power cord used for an amp and/or other non-digital components and I think Pangea tends to be on the heavy side as far as shielding goes. Vendors such as VH Audio (Chris Venhaus) tend to use their cable geometry designs to reduce noise/interference. I use his Flavor 4 on both my power conditioner and my S300, but it’s over your current budget. You can sometimes find them used for under a couple hundred. I’m really not sure which other power cord vendors use a similar approach since touting better/more shielding seems to be a marketing strategy :^ /

I think the basic Analysis Plus Oval power cords are a good value at about 100 dollars. Nice neutral sound.

Used Shunyata Venom. Great cables.

Thanks again guys

You can contact Frank at Signal Cables or Patrick at Cullen Cable and they will make what you want and under your budget.

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