Anyone try the NCF or Shunyata plug-ins w a P10?

What were the results? Thanks!

If tried the Defender with a P10 and that and the NCF with a P15.

The Defender I have left with the P10. It makes a subtle “smoothing” improvement with high frequency. No real downside and when removed. . . you want to put it back.

Haven’t tried the NCF in the P10 because it sounds so good with the P15 I don’t want to move it. Just strips away a subtle veil that hung over the sound that was not noticeable before, but once gone you don’t want it back.

Both these products were found worthy of my systems.

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Thank you for the report. Of the two, would you be able to choose a favorite?

Yes. . . for my main system the NCF. It’s a close call, but the Defender just seemed to add a tiny dash of old school romance and thus was just that tiny bit less transparent overall. Might be just the ticket for another system.

I have The NCF plugged into an NCF power distributor. It makes a positive contribution to the sound.


I’m using and NFC in my Dectet which is fed by an NCF outlet and after a week I’m coming to the conclusion that once its in your system you wont want to take it out. I tried and still have a Defender which I use to protect the line my subs are on. The defender does seem to roll the highs just ever so slightly, I compared it to the Isotek plug in unit first and I still have the Isotek in an unused outlet in the duplex to protect my amp which I run direct to the Furutech Ncf outlet.
If the Clearline had surge protection I would most likely have 3 .