Anyone use the Hunecke loudspeaker placement calculator?

I’ve been using the PS Audio recent CD and book for optimizing my loudspeaker placement, but as always I remain curious about the other tools and methods to decide where initially to place speakers. I’ve tried the Cardas method, the 28% method, the 38% method, you name it. But very few of them seem to take the full scope of the room into account - most ignore ceiling height and rugs/curtains, for example. The Hunecke tool takes these into account, plus what I like about it is it allows you to move the speakers and chair around to see the effect on bass frequencies evenness.

Anyway, in doing this I happened upon a combination of seat and speaker position that, if I believe their math, creates a smoother bass range and better looking room pattern. But then the Soundton site (using a similar “pattern map” method - and takes seating height into account) shows it not to be as ideal. In fact, some speaker placements on the Soundton site seem to be in direct conflict with the same placement using the Hunecke site, and vice versa. These sites are confusing, to say the least. :roll_eyes:

I’m just trying to eliminate unnecessary movement of near 100 pound speakers, hoping that some sort of empirical online tool can help me as to a starting point. I’ve done it by ear all these years, but REW has shown me the result is not always as good as it could be.

The best really is to put gliders or rolls under the speakers and try yourself. I know you knew that, sorry :wink:

Sigh, yeah. I know. :expressionless:

I like those furniture moving discs for moving heavy speakers.

I am a late learner, but have achieved a very good result after several failures.
Even measurements did not bar any results.
The Wilson Audio Setup Procedure (W.A.S.P.) did the trick for me.

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Same here with some dealer assistance as well.

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Conducted the test with the help of my wife. :sweat_smile:

I used the trial and error and countless hours method for determining proper speaker placement. Should’ve attached a pedometer to speakers to determine how many miles they traveled.