Anyone use Wyred 4 Sound mono amps?

A good friend has offered me a very good deal (so pre loved) on a pair of Wyred 4 sound mono amps. Has anyone any experience with these class D mono’s? And more importantly how do they stack up against the 700M. I have the Stellar Gain Cell Dac/Pre and Amphion 3 LS speakers

I had their SX-1000 mono amps (older version) several years ago. Wyred amps are very transparent and maybe cold at times. I replaced it with a Digital Amplifier Company Cherry amp which sounded little warmer. I haven’t hear m700 but I now have m1200s. There is no competition. M1200s are much more musical than any class D amps I have ever heard. I can’t say about their SX-1000R which I believe to be a major improvement over the old versions.

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Happy Cake Day @ccyun051

M1200’s are the King of class D amps !

:+1: absolutely

I know they are, but they are out of my reach now, as retired and on a fixed income, here in the UK

You will be happy with the Wyred latest edition of monos.
Go for it as I too am on a fixed income here in the USA

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Its just that here in the UK, trying to hunt down a pair of M700 amps is like finding rocking horse s***. So they might be nearly as good?